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Grateful I'm able to smell flowers when numerous


Hurrah for Easter Monday! It’s the day for egg rolling competitors and, if you reside in a little corner of Leicestershire, a day for kicking bottles something to do with an ancient fight over beer, naturally.

The great individuals of Hallaton have been kicking their bottles really kegs of beer for centuries.

There’s something about this time of year that makes us a little pointless and it’s no coincidence the Christian celebration commemorating Jesus s renewal must take place at the same time as the start of spring.

Every day we can see proof of the world returning to life after the winter, a renewal for nature and a possibility to begin again.

Possibly I’m being charming, but there’s a reason the majority of the world commemorates a celebration of fertility and a reason our chocolate is available in the shape of an egg at this time of year.

This spring there seems to be something incorrect with commemorating a coming back to life when every day we are reminded of the people who won’t be able to see the very first tulips of summertime this year.

It’s not just the horrible events in Brussels recently which have asserted a lot of lives. Previously in March Isis used chemical weapons against Iraqis in Baghdad and targeted Istanbul, while the Kurdish Freedom Hawks took off a car bomb in Ankara, killing more than 30 individuals.

There, too, the spring flowers are growing.

There, like on other pavements and outside other public structures around the world, there are flowers being gathered in bouquets and laid in remembrance of lives lost, not lives reborn.

If we re speaking about ancient festivals, maybe we ought to likewise mention Egypt s Sham El Nassim, which indicates, literally, the giving off the breeze.

It’s commemorated by Christians and Muslims alike and has its roots in Pharonic times.

What’s sufficient for Queen Nefertiti is great enough for me.

And this year, this spring, I’ll take a deep breath of that sweet, clean air and be grateful that I have the ability to smell the spring flowers when so many can’t.


I like that the Foo Fighters have tossed their rock-god weight behind a band who simply want to practice in their moms and dads garage.

Frontman Dave Grohl wrote to a council in Cornwall that had warned the teenaged members of Black Leaves of Envy to keep the sound down after a grievance was received from a member of the general public.

The band were informed to keep their music to between 40-50 decibels which is, as Grohl mentions, about the exact same sort of volume as a dishwashing machine at 15 paces.

Not only does he urge the council to support young artists, however he and atrioventricular bundle have actually also provided guidance on inexpensive soundproofing.

I simply hope the sand and gym mats will do their job and the band can keep on playing.


I’m not completely sure what Portsmouth City Council wanted to attain by holding a vote on whether to encourage homeowners to vote leave or not when it pertains to the EU referendum.

Are we actually expected to take note of exactly what the council suggests we do? Or are we expected making up our own minds?

What a crashing waste of council time and does this mean that it’s now the council s money that ll be spent aiming to affect the electorate, instead of the political party’s pennies? If so, it offers new meaning to the term petty money.

It’s March. The vote is in June. As well as with 2 separate rounds of purdah gagging our elected officials, there’s unfortunately still plenty of time for them waste our money on this.

EU chiefs might pass silly rules, as the city board leader stated in last week s prolonged meeting, however it doesn’t seem to have a monopoly on passing foolish motions.




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