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Tiniest of huge flowers unintentionally found in the


In the jungles of southeastern Asia, a parasitic plant called Rafflesia produces the world’s largest flowers. Some Rafflesia flowers, for instance, can be a meter and a half in size, and can weigh as much as 22 pounds (or 10 kilograms). These flowers, called remains flower locally, often smell like rotting flesh.

Now, on Luzon Island in the Philippines, a team of scientists have actually discovered the tiniest of these giant flowers.

When totally expanded, this newly found flower has an average size of 9.73 cm, making it a dwarf among all understood Rafflesia species, researchers compose in a brand-new research released in the journal PhytoKeys. And unlike its larger cousins, this small flower smells like coconut, the New York Times reports.Check out here





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Hurrah for Easter Monday! It’s the day for egg rolling competitors and, if you reside in a little corner of Leicestershire, a day for kicking bottles something to do with an ancient fight over beer, naturally.

The great individuals of Hallaton have been kicking their bottles really kegs of beer for centuries.

There’s something about this time of year that makes us a little pointless and it’s no coincidence the Christian celebration commemorating Jesus s renewal must take place at the same time as the start of spring.





Thousands of flowers to assist Copenhagen bloom

this spring


In anticipation of the arrival of spring, the Danish capital is busy planting some 30,000 flowers around the city.

Gardeners from the city municipality have got their finest green thumbs out planting the spring flowers, such as horned violets, tulips and pansies, in the cities, parks, squares and streets.

Flowers, bushes and trees hold great significance for experiencing the city, when the spring sun hits it, the city totally changes character, said Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and ecological problems.






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