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Opportunities include

Music Licensing Deals Sponsorship | Endorsements
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Management Publishing Deals
Gigs Contests | Competitions

I'm really impressed with the wide selection of opportunities Killer Hype has available. This website is a valuable tool for any musician looking to create hype.
Mo Carlton - San Fernando

You also get!

A Killer Electronic Press Kit

With a Killer Hype EPK we made it easy for you to host your music, describe your act and upload content like videos, pictures, show dates and more.

Get up and running in less than five minutes!
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Start promoting your music like pros!

Full Use of the Artist Toolbox

Music Industry contact database Quickly and easily search through thousands of music industry contacts. Find all the contact info for studios, venues, graphic designers & many more.

Workshop Videos Watch and learn from hundreds of videos pertaining to areas of the industry that are of interest to you.

Industry Articles Want to know what the experts are saying? Take a scroll through our article database and pick up tips, techniques and much more you can use to advance you career.

Killer Apps Go mobile - Expand your reach - Get Social - Discover how our apps can help you reach your fan base.

Digital Distribution Get your music distributed through Itunes, Amazon and many other retailers.

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